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We can supply a wide range of immersion heaters including:

Domestic immersion heaters:

The Thermco range of domestic immersion heaters are fitted with a 2 1/4" BSP solid brass head to suit the majority of applications and water conditions. Sheath materials available include copper and incoloy. Immersion heaters can be provided with or without a thermostat as required and meet maxistore and duotherm specifications.

  • 2 1/4 BSP

  • Copper or Incoloy element

  • Safety cut out switch available


Industrial immersion heaters:

The Thermco range of industrial immersion heaters can be manufactured with a copper, incoloy or titanium sheathed element at a variety of lengths to suit your application.

  • Brass heads 1 1/4 BSP to 2 1/2 BSP

  • 1 kw - 18kw

  • 1ph - 3ph

  • Copper, titanium or incoloy element

  • Safety cut out switch available


In line heaters  - click here for more info

An in line heater, similar to a circulation, Willis and Geeza heater is an efficient alternative to standard conventional immersion heaters. They can also provide an advantage where problems occur with the removal of conventional immersion heaters. A circulation heating system can be a very efficient and highly economical alternative to a standard immersion heater. They are fitted externally to the hot water cylinder and can provide heated water on economical settings extremely efficiently.

  • 1.5kw - 3 kw versions available

  • Safety versions also available

  • Copper or Incoloy heating elements available


Unvented water systems

We offer specific immersion heaters for use in unvented water systems. These immersion heaters can include:

  • Dual safety thermostats with a range of KW ratings

  • High quality plug in thermostats

  • Incoloy sheath heating element


Custom heaters:

At Thermco we can also manufacture bespoke custom designed immersion heaters that require special elements, lengths, thermostats or materials to suit your requirements. We also manufacture a replacement product for the model  immersion heater as well as other replacements. For information on our range of replacement immersion heaters please visit our:

replacement products page

Immersion heater model cestb-340 replacement

We have the facilities to manufacture almost any style of immersion heater for your needs.

Download installation instructions for our immersion heaters here

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